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"Professional, Charismatic, and, most importantly, Amazing with Pets"

My name is Tim Hume. I devote my time to the care of my client’s property and their pets. As always, your pets’ welfare is my top priority. They will be well taken care of and have lots of fun with me.

My pet and housesitting services are open to all my neighbors in the Northeast Heights in Albuquerque, New Mexico. If you live in other areas in Albuquerque, please go to the New Mexico Pet Sitter’s Alliance website. You will find my fellow pet sitters listed by business name and by zip code. I know many of these people and highly recommend them for your pet sitting needs. They are all professional pet sitters and are licensed and insured.

We have all taken our love for pets and turned this dedication to pets and their welfare and started our own businesses. I have taken the time to learn about pet care including proper nutrition and basic training techniques.

Customer Testimonials

S.K. Testimonial

| S.K. I have been using Tim to care for our two cats for many years and he has always provided excellent service. I highly recommend him for all your pet, house and plant...
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M.W. Testimonial

| M.W. Tim has been taking care of my mother-in-law’s needs (she is disabled) for over a year. He takes care of her every need inside the house, and he helps her with the dogs, as well as driving her to wherever she needs to go. He is a “godsend” and we recommend his services as he is reliable and extremely...
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M. A. Mc Testimonial

| M. A. Mc My experience with having Tim take care of my home, plants and, especially my pets, was superb. He is very professional and cares so much about the welfare of my pets. He is my petsitter of choice from now...
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M.M. Testimonial

| M.M. Tim got to know the characteristics of each of our four animals even prior to my leaving town. He treats them as unique entities and they like him a lot. He helped us with major tasks in our yard in addition to pet care and in all these tasks was as thorough and responsible as a professional will exemplify, inspiring...
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J.O. Testimonial

| J.O. We used Tim’s services during our resent out of town trip. Tim cared for our cats, watered our plants, drove us to and picked us up at the airport. We are pleased with the results and I highly recommend...
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Z. MC Testimonial

| Z. MC We used Tim to take care of our garden plants last year and then this year, he also took care of our house and indoor plants for 4 weeks. He truly goes above and beyond in everything he does. We trust him implicitly and he has earned that trust. He will be taking care of our house and plants again...
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E.V. Testimonial

| K.T. Tim was friendly and very professional from the get-go.  He took great care of my 2 cats while I was away on business and I felt I could relax because they were in good hands. And the roundtrip car ride to the airport was a definite plus! I’m very satisfied with Tim’s services and would highly recommend...
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P.B. Testimonial

| P. B. Tim is dedicated to this work, for love of gardens and plants which comes naturally from his own soul! He is also excellent and sympathetic to all animals. I can tell you that his housekeeping habits indoors are...
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B.N. Testimonial

| B.N. Tim Hume’s services are far superior to any kennel. Tim is professional, charismatic, and, most importantly, amazing with dogs. Not only did he follow our strict guidelines in the day-to-day care of our three dogs and our home, he went above and beyond by interacting with our dogs in a way that left them better at the end of our vacation. Tim accepted the challenge of pet sitting...
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C. L. Testimonial

| C. L. I was so fortunate to find Tim after my dog sitter couldn’t sit anymore. He responded immediately and we are so grateful for his help in our time of need. Tim is very caring and professional and the dogs were better off for it. We are completely satisfied and hope to use him in the...
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T.S. Testimonial

| T.S. I am so glad that I found Tim to help me with pet care and house care after suffering a back injury last fall! Tim is not only completely professional and knowledgeable about pets, but he is very caring and nurturing manner when dealing with animals and people! Tim is punctual, professional, and he covers all aspects of a complete and satisfying experience when it comes to pet care...
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S.C. Testimonial

| S.C. I have used Tim’s services several times. A few at the last minute. He has been great with my pets! Would recommend him...
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All customer testimonials are confidential. Only the initials are posted to the testimonial itself.

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Pets I DO Sit For

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Small Birds
  • Hamsters
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Fish

Pets I DO NOT Sit For

  • Farm animals
  • Exotic pets such as parrots
  • Similar type of large birds
  • Reptiles
  • Spiders